Low Back Pain

A Complete System for Back Pain Relief without Harmful Side Effects

Our solution is quick and permanent; you will feel the improvement within the first three sessions!

  • Immediate Relief – The majority of our patients experience significant relief in the first 1-3 visits.
  • No More Pills – Drugs are not effective in healing your back, they just mask the symptoms for limited time.
  • Predictive Relief – Most patients present with symptoms throughout the back and both legs. Our unique examination method allows us to predict which of your symptoms will be relieved first, second, third, and so on. No other method has this predictive quality.
  • Pain Relief – We have over 200 Pain Relieving Exercise Programs (PREP) to choose from to individually tailor to your back problem and bring you immediate relief. They are simple, easy to perform, and effective.
  • Posture Correction – Pain provoking postures while sitting, standing, driving, and sleeping will be individually assessed and corrected to maintain relief.
  • Retrain – Trunk and back muscles can and will be “retrained” through neuromuscular manipulation and treatment to hold the back in stress-relieving positions.
  • Independence – The foundation of our treatment approach is to empower patients with the life-long knowledge and ability to relieve and prevent their own pain.
  • Teamwork – Our team will work closely with you and your physician to coordinate your care.