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Progressive Physical Therapy Reviews
  • Back Pain

    I tell all my friends about this unique team - and I give the same advice to others that I got myself: "Go see Mohamed!"…

    John Bruce.

  • Balance & Dizziness

    I would like to thank Mohamed, Omar, Sandy, Seta and recently the 3 L's: Lena, Leslie and Liz because we are in this together!…

    Mary N.

  • Neck Pain

    These have been the most liberating six months of my life; Doctors Neri & Sanad have really come through for me!…

    Karl K.

  • Migraine & Headache

    I no longer get headaches and I sleep much better. Thank you for helping me feel better physically and mentally.…

    Carly S.

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Physician Testimonials
  • Progressive Physical Therapy is the only facility geared toward the prevention of falls. I feel this is a vital aspect of patient care. The staff is dedicated to improving the patient’s quality of life and they truly care about each person.…

    Gene O. Neri, MD

  • With proper patient profile selection, every patient we have sent to Progressive Physical Therapy has shown significant improvement with their balance training physical therapy. Patients can recognize their reduced fall risk.…

    Douglas Gill, MD

  • My patients love working with Progressive Physical Therapy.…

    Rajeev Kumar, MD, FACP

  • Progressive Physical Therapy not only excels in their work (treatment) but also show great care, compassion and professionalism.…

    Angelo Consiglio, MD

  • Patients enjoy the individual approach to care/problems.…

    Christopher Simon, MD

  • Progressive Physical Therapy stands for quality and a caring attitude.…

    Steven K. Sauerberg, MD

  • The staff at Progressive Physical Therapy sincerely cares about their patients and is a welcome addition to the community.…

    Kathleen M. Ulrich, Audiologist

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