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Back Pain
“My sincere thanks to Mohamed Sanad and my new friends at Progressive Physical Therapy! I tell all my friends about this unique team – and I give the same advice to others that I got myself: “Go see Mohamed!”

John B.
“Mohamed you are a miracle maker, first time I came I was in very bad shape. My knees and my back were out of shape. You taught me how to walk and strengthen my back. There is no word in the Good Book on how to thank you, thank you, and once more thank you. God Bless you.”

Birute M.

“I started going to PPT when I started working more hours and started experiencing neck pain. My therapist Mohamed Sanad immediately gave me exercises to do and indicated the importance correct posture. He told me to adjust my computer screen and sit correctly along with the exercises and watching my posture, my neck pain was gone in 2 weeks. He then worked on my lower back pain which I have had for years. It got to the point where I wouldn’t work without my legs hurting. Again Mohamed gave me exercises to do every day and now I can sit and work without pain.”

Rose C.
“When I was referred into PPT I was having trouble bending over to tie my shoes. After six weeks of treatment, I’m back at the gym and starting to play basketball again. The experience not only helped my back but the people make the place special. Thanks to Mohamed.”

Scott V.
“I had arthritis in my back since I was 30 years old because of a childhood accident. I had two hip surgeries and knee surgery. When I first came to Progressive, I had problems just getting around and even sleeping without pain. I was close to using a cane to help me walk. I’ve made so much progress and am able to move, walk and sleep with so much less pain. My posture is improving everyday too. Do The Exercises!! They work.”

“For the last four years I haven’t been able to feel my feet. It spread to my calves, then my thighs. In addition to that, I was often having muscle spasms in my legs and extreme tightness in my calves. Just going to the grocery store wore out my legs. My job is a writer, and sitting at my desk for too long would make the symptoms even worse. I thought it was some sort of nerve damage so that it was hopeless to get any treatment for it. My neurologist Dr. Neri told me this was not the case and treatment was possible if I went to PPT and asked for Mohamed Sanad. When I first did my exercises I could not go one set of 10 without shaking everywhere. Now I have gotten stronger and can easily do 3 sets of 10. My legs aren’t numb anymore, and if my symptoms act up I just do my exercises and I stop. The staff is amazingly kind and I’ll almost miss coming here. Please see Mohamed if you have numbness.”

Sarah A.
“I came to PPT in August after having 13 years of migraine issues. I found a different neurologist that recommended Mohamed and PPT to me. I immediately saw results with my sinus headaches. After a few weeks I experienced less and less tension headaches and over five months I only had to use my migraine medicines twice! Now I know how to use my exercises to get myself out of pain and eliminate the headaches from increasing to migraines. I am also off of two prescriptions! Once my neck started to feel better I inquired about my low back, which I’ve had problems with for over 20 years. I am taking less pain medicine including anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxers. My exercises have given me more mobility, and I feel like I have hope again! Mohamed and all of the staff treated me like I was family. I felt that they sincerely cared about ME and I was not just a patient. I drove 90 minutes round trip, twice a week and was extremely skeptical. I am so thankful and happy I kept going and believed in Mohamed’s methods. This really works!! Thank you!”

Julie B.
“I came to the clinic with excruciating and tormenting back pain. I was not able to lay on my stomach or back because the pain was constant. I got very little sleep at night due to the extreme discomfort. The care and concern I received from Dr. Mohamed Sanad was a welcoming phenomenon. Dr. Mohamed’s knowledge of the human anatomy is outstanding. After his treatments and physical therapy, along with my home exercises, I gained the ability to go about my normal daily life without any pain or discomfort! I can also see improvement in my muscle tone and myself getting stronger now. Based on the exceptional treatment I received, I will refer others to PPT without question. Thank you Dr. Mohamed and your wonderful staff!”

Joe L.
Before I came to PPT I was in pretty bad shape. I was frustrated because before then, I had seen doctors that were suggesting surgery. My knee was in so much pain I couldn’t walk. I had never been in a place like this before in my life. It was scary to say the least.

To my amazement, as I started therapy with Mohamed, I began to feel better and better. As time went on my pain had diminished. Not only was his treatment successful, but the treatment I received from all the staff and therapist were equally healing to my spirit.

You all have a special place in my heart! Thank you Sandy, Lena, Lesley, Mohamed, and anyone else I may have missed. I am grateful!!

Edwin S.
After attending a seminar held by Progressive Physical Therapy on a Saturday early last year, highlighting the problem of balance, I found it was necessary to investigate a problem I had later in the year, falling on black ice straight down on my spine. Even though I don’t have a balance problem, I went to Hinsdale Orthopedics and, after taking several x-rays; they suggested physical therapy and gave me a prescription outlining the area I had damaged in the fall to take to my choice i.e Progressive Physical Therapy.

The people at PPT were very kind, interested in, and reviewed the prescription and I couldn’t be happier with the physical and mental results as I was in pain. Dr. Omar Hussein took extremely good care of me in therapy, as well as the Physical Therapy Aides. The very courteous receptionist, Sandi, handled my appointments making sure they fit into a schedule which included my partner, who was also attending therapy at Progressive at that time, because of a balance problem.

I have and will continue to recommend Progressive Physical Therapy to my friends and anyone who, in conversation, indicates a need for therapy. The treatment received by the patient is very professional. Keep up the good work!

Lois M.

Balance & Dizziness
“I would like to thank Mohamed, Omar, Sandy, Seta and recently the 3 L’s: Lena, Leslie and Liz because we are in this together!”

Mary N.
“My physical fitness levels had changed so much due to several falls I had in the last three years. I came to Progressive thinking I needed to learn how to fall properly due to my age. What Mohamed taught me was not how to fall but how to prevent falls entirely with proper balance and his excellent therapy. I was amazed to discover that balance required re-training myself to maintain a healthy balance. My program of strengthening my balance included leg exercises to rebuild my knees and learning to walk properly by striking with my heel first. These past several months I have discovered that with the excellent physical therapy program of PPT, there are no goals I cannot achieve using proper posture attributed by Mohamed. Falling is not an option for me with my new balance improvement and my confidence is now restored!”

Denise S.
“I started coming to PPT back in September of 2017 and as of today I’ve completed about 40 physical therapy sessions with Mohamed and his staff. One of my problems was stability in walking, especially when getting out of bed in the morning. It would take almost an hour before I could walk a straight line. Also, I made frequent trips to the restroom during the night. Sitting at a table for a meal more than an hour made it difficult to walk when I stood up. All of these problems have improved tremendously and I want to say “thank you” to Mohamed and his wonderful staff.”

Donald D.
“Soon after my chemo and radiation therapy, pre-surgeries, I found that my sense of balance was compromised. Reacting to this new norm I found out about PPT. My wife and I went to one of their introductory classes. We decided that this might be a help for my condition. So I began, therapy with the guidance of Dr. Omar and Kate, has helped me develop the tools and control of regaining my balance and beating back the influence of this new norm.”

Ivan S.
“I am more confident walking than I was when I started. It’s a very good feeling. Everyone has been so helpful and encouraging. The tips will always help me. I would definitely recommend your service to others.”

“I received a card in the mail inviting me to come to a work shop to determine if I could be helped with my balance problem. It was determined that I could benefit from this program. I feel that I have been helped with my balance and can continue to do so with some exercises at home. I found the staff to be very friendly and extremely helpful and have recommended Progressive Physical Therapy to many of my friends. I have felt very comfortable here and really feel that I have benefited from my therapy. I feel that Omar has helped me improve my balance.”

Marian F.
“My original diagnosis, 10 years ago, was Meniere’s syndrome but standard medicine offered no relief. At that point the incidents were less hindering of my life’s activities and only recently had the occurrences and severity increased. A year ago I began experiencing multiple dizzy/vertigo incidents on a daily basis. I often awoke feeling dizzy as though the room was spinning, while still in bed, as well. The incidents became debilitating enough that I spent hours in bed unable to function on to the simplest task. Four months ago I found true help and understanding from Mohamed and his wonderful team. The neck exercises Mohamed taught me are a God send!”

Maureen W.
“When I began therapy, I had limited mobility and pain in my neck. My balance was also not great. Working with Omar and the staff was a positive experience. They were very nice and knowledgeable.

Since completing my session, the issue with my neck and balance are much better. I would definitely recommend them to people needing physical therapy.”

Primo B.
“Let me start by saying I received an invitation, through the mail, to attend a seminar to be held by Progressive Physical Therapy on Saturday, February 25th, highlighting the problem of balance. I attended the seminar and decided to discuss this with my doctor. Unfortunately, that was not necessary because on the following Monday I fell outside, injured my head on the cement sidewalk, and was taken to the hospital. The diagnosis was pneumonia and lack of oxygen. After 3 weeks in the hospital and rehabilitation I was released and, upon returning home, decided to visit Progressive Physical Therapy.

The people at PPT were very kind, interested in and reviewed my balance problem. I attended therapy in May, June, and July and couldn’t be happier with the physical and mental results. Both Doctors, Mohamed and Omar, took extremely good care of me in therapy, as well as the physical therapy aides. But first, the courteous receptionist, Sandi, who handled all of my appointments making sure they fit into my personal schedule.

I have, and will continue to recommend Progressive Physical Therapy to my friends and anyone who, indicates a need for therapy. I have never been treated so professionally by any office doctors. Thank you for your service. Keep up the good work!”

Ralph T.
“My balance has greatly improved from your work. The visits have all been something to look forward to. Your smiling faces and individual attention make it like “my second home”.”

Ray P.
“I often fell over my feet. I felt I was just clumsy. I came to PPT on the recommendation of a good friend. I didn’t know what to expect other than better balance. I certainly didn’t expect machines and straight lines on the floor. What I came away with was friendship, healing, and stronger legs and body. Omar was a loveable task master. All my work turned into retraining and better balance. I thank you and especially the girls who helped me through it. On a recent trip to Ireland I was able to walk further and I could handle all the stairs.”

Sheila L.
“Except for drifting from side to side when I walked and feeling off balance when on the roof washing windows, I didn’t think I had a problem. Omar straightened me out on that! With infinite patience Omar guided me through a variety of activities while gradually increasing difficulty. The mental cues he gave me have proved invaluable to maintain balance under a variety of circumstances. The strength regimen he devised greatly improved my core and leg strength. I loved “competing” with the Biodex balance system. It really improved my ability to safely navigate on uneven turf. I can now move with an enhanced sense of confidence and well-being. The friendly and supportive staff is greatly appreciated and makes it difficult to leave. Thank you Omar and staff! ”

Shirley J.
“When I started with therapy I was becoming more and more concerned about losing my balance and falling. After a few sessions, I was not seeing any measureable results. But I kept at it for several more weeks and I started seeing that I was having a much easier time with balance. The staff and Omar were very helpful and I not only improved but I enjoyed coming to the office.”

Shirley J.
“The entire staff here at Progressive Physical Therapy is very welcoming and friendly! I look forward to coming to my appointments for the help I always receive from Mohamed and his assistants. Following a second complicated knee surgery my balance has been very poor—and I’ve fallen more than once. Mohamed has helped me to walk better and helped me with exercises to continue doing at home. PPT is where I will certainly recommend folks go to when looking for physical therapy help. Thank you!”

Virginia K.

Neck Pain
“These have been the most liberating six months of my life; Doctors Neri & Sanad have really come through for me!”

Karl K.
“Before I was aware of Progressive Physical Therapy it was necessary for me to have physical therapy some years ago for a shoulder issue and then after, knee surgery at 2 other PT facilities. I never left totally satisfied with their treatment. When I developed neck problems a year ago, a friend recommended PPT to me and thankfully I followed her recommendation. Dr. Omar and his staff are highly professional and well experienced in all methods for treating PT issues. I no longer have neck problems, but still contacted by PPT periodically regarding my well-being. My husband has also been successfully treated by PPT for dizziness and imbalance problems. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend PPT to anyone needing physical therapy, and very much appreciate their caring professionalism.”

Delphine S.
“I would tell anyone suffering with neck/shoulder pain that causes chronic tension headaches to run to PPT as soon as possible. I went from level 7-8 headaches 15-20 times/mo and minor headaches daily to no pain/no headaches. If one would start to creep up and I would do my exercises, the pain would go away instantly without the use of medication. This is huge for me. To not live on pain/preventative meds and wake up with no pain is amazing. The work to go from 20% success to 95% success was/is so easy. Thank you to everyone at PPT – you are all awesome and caring. You gave me my life back! Thank You!”

Erin V.
“My experience here has been wonderful! My goal was to be able to play my flute for thirty minutes without neck pain during the practice or afterwards. Years ago, I was very active in playing the flute. I stopped playing because other things in life became so busy. After 20 years, I tried to play the flute but my chronic neck pain stopped me from playing. After about 4 months of therapy with Mohamed I can now play the flute thirty minutes pain free! It brings me such joy. I am so thankful to Mohamed and all the kind people on staff at PPT Hinsdale.”

Katherine J.
“I had pain in my left leg and ear, neck and jaw pain. The ear neck and jaw are related, which I was not aware of. I now know what I have to do to keep the pain from recurring with the help and education Mohammed gave me. He is very good at explaining what happens in your body and bones, which I appreciate, greatly. Although everyone is very nice, I hope I don’t have to come back again.”

Marsha R.
“I’ve had much pain for years- usually it would be brought on by driving. Short trips weren’t bad, but anything over 30 min and I’d be holding my neck with my left hand and driving with my right. My husband and I take several long driving trips throughout the year requiring me to help with the driving. I was pretty miserable for the two or so hours I would drive. Dr Neri is my neurologist and he could tell I had a neck problem and tense shoulders. He recommended Mohammed to do physical therapy on my neck and it has helped me immensely. On one trip, my husband couldn’t believe I actually drove for 4 hours without complaining about my neck. Thank you so much for changing my life!”

Valerie H.

Migraine & Headache
“Before PT, I had headaches every day. It woke me up from sleep and made it hard for me to concentrate. My previous neurologist prescribed me a medication that didn’t do anything but make my finger tingle. My current neurologist referred me to PT and it has changed my life. I no longer get headaches and I sleep much better. Now I talk about my experience with my friends who also suffer from headaches. Thank you for helping me feel better physically and mentally.”

Carly S.
“I came in to PT with daily headaches. Ibuprofen and Tylenol through the day was a regular routine. Mohammed helped me to first understand that the cause of my headaches was my sleeping posture at night. Changes were made, but I’m still working on that. Mohammed would regularly do his magic therapy and make the headaches disappear. He taught me his techniques and had me practice them. Bottom line, I no longer need to take pain relievers thanks to Mohammed. Thank you God!”

Chuck R.
“I’ve suffered with headaches on an almost daily basis for 12 years. I’ve always lead an active, healthy lifestyle so I figured it was how I was made and would be something I’d just have to deal with. Out of fear of a potential bigger problem, a friend referred me to a neurologist who quickly diagnosed that I had cervical strain and told me to go see Mohamed at PPT. He has me do simple exercises and stretches that have greatly reduced my headaches within two months. I now know what causes my headaches and can do simple things to stop them before they start or quickly get rid of them if one does come on. I have a huge part of my life back and can’t thank Mohamed and the girls at PPT.”

Nick B.
“Before going to PPT I had migraines almost every day, numbness in my hands, and terrible sleep. The personalized exercise I was given was able to get rid of my headaches. With the help of a cervical roll I stopped waking up with headaches and numb hands. Fixing my posture allowed me to “relearn” how to do every day things without pain. My neck no longer ached after reading for an hour, and I could write at my computer without stopping from not being able to feel my hands. Everyone at PPT was kind and attentive; I would recommend this place to everyone.”

Sarah A.