Gait Analysis

Gait is a medical term used to describe your walking pattern. Assessing this pattern is important for diagnosis as well as treatment of multiple conditions. You may have a series of discrepancies within your gait. This may be due to muscle weakness, misalignment, and compensation for other issues. As highly trained specialists we will be able to identify what properties of your gait need work, or habits that may have lead you to adapt an inconsistent or uncoordinated gait. Gait analysis also reveals your state of mind, lack of confidence and a fear of falling is clearly reflected in the way you walk. That’s why, at PPT, an integral part of out Initial Evaluation is to watch you walk!

Once we complete your Gait Analysis, here is what we will be able to do for you:

  1. Prescribe a completely individualized plan of treatment for your condition
  2. Train you to have better posture and improve your muscle strength
  3. Adjust misalignments or discrepancies that may be causing imbalance
  4. Get you to Walk With Confidence!