Back Pain & Sciatica

If you are suffering from back pain, you are not alone. On a world-wide scale, 80% of people experience low back pain at one point throughout their life time, with an 85% rate of recurrence. Back pain is curable. No matter what the cause of pain or how long you have been suffering, any injured live tissue: a muscle, joint, ligament, or disc, will heal when given the proper environment to heal. Whether it is just in your back, buttocks, down a single or both of your legs, it does not matter. If you have been diagnosed with arthritis, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, bulging or herniated disc, these are also NOT deal breakers. There is a method for you to be pain free. If you are looking for a permanent, drug free, solution we can show you the way. At PPT, we will abolish your pain and other symptoms permanently and naturally!

We have good news; your back pain is treatable!

The centralization phenomenon has relieved patients that were in pain for years, visited a multitude of physicians and specialists, and tried other treatment options without success. Now, we want you to fully understand this treatment, because this straightforward concept will make so much sense to you, as it has to the hundreds of patients we’ve treated! Back pain always has an origin, a point at which pain first began. As your condition worsens, this pain tends to spread away from the origin, or peripheralize. The opposite of peripheralization is centralization, pain receding towards the origin. Centralization is the key, it is what we strive to achieve through manipulation and exercises. If your pain is centralizing it indicates that you are healing. We, as specialized and highly trained therapists, have the techniques to achieve this result!

This is what you can expect from our scientifically proven approach.

  • Eliminate pain and other distressing symptoms the moment you start treatment.
  • Learn techniques to control your own pain and maintain a healthy back for life.
  • Decrease injury reoccurrence with a customized Re-injury Prevention Plan.
  • Improve mobility and quality of life without expensive surgery or the side effects of pain medication.
  • Expect immediate, predictable and lasting results to start living your life pain-free!