A good physical fitness routine is a great part of maintaining good health! This can look different for everyone since each person has different goals that they are looking to reach and different results they want to obtain. However, certain things are generally beneficial advice for everyone! Here are four great fitness tips from professional athletes.


This legendary, 6x Super Bowl winning quarterback loves sleeping and it’s a key part of his health and wellness routine that he partially credits for his successful training. It’s said that minutes his first Super Bowl in 2002, he even took a nap in the locker room to prep before the game! Sleep is great for the body, and can play a huge role in your energy levels during workouts, and how well you bounce back afterwards. So, Brady’s got the right idea with being in bed by 8:30PM every night.


Michael Jordan is arguably one of, if not the, best basketball player(s) of all time! Being undeniably the most decorated, he clearly knew a thing or two about being in prime shape for competing. A thing that was consistent in his workouts, whether it was in 80’s or present day, was having a well-rounded fitness routine. His workouts host a combination of agility training, cardio, weights and full-body endurance. If you’re looking to get in good shape overall, a well-rounded routine that targets multiple areas of the body is a great idea!


Bryce Harper is a 7-year MLB veteran and 3x All Star. He was ranked as the World’s Most Famous Baseball Player by Sports Illustrated in 2019. He has been known to have a continuous regimen for improving his health and wellness by challenging himself to do better in his diet and exercise routines whether he’s on-season or off. His dedication to maintaining his best physical fitness is impressive. While he may not operate with the same amount of grueling intensity as he does on-season, he never allows himself to fall off the wagon. That kind of determination is something that anyone who’s trying to stay in shape and good health can mimic.


Usain Bolt is widely considered as the greatest sprinter of all time, and held a world record as the fastest man alive. Being one of the most well-decorated Olympians of our time, you would think he lived in a fitness center. However, he’s actually said in multiple interviews that he values his relaxation time. Thus, he works smarter not harder than he has to in order to reach his goals. His workouts are as methodical as they are consistent and this is how he maintains a good balance. This is a great tip for those looking to get in better shape because having balance will allow you to continue making progress without burning out or having to stop due to exhaustion!

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4 Movie Stars Who’ve Gotten Physical Therapy

Physical therapy isn’t just something that your everyday people seek. It’s something that benefits everyone! No matter your net worth or the size of your fan club, we all can benefit from better health and wellness! This article details the stories of four movie stars who had to undergo physical therapy and why.


The late Paul Walker was best known for his killer performances as Brian O’Conner in the “Fast and The Furious” franchise, alongside the action movies like “Hours” and “Takers.” In 2013, the actor tweeted that he was undergoing a physical therapy program to heal an injury he sustained on set. Seeing as how was known to do the majority of his own stunts, even really dangerous ones, that isn’t surprising! Drag racing at unbelievable speeds and jumping out of moving cars can cause some wear and tear on the body.


One of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors, Tom Cruise has been executing some of the most impactful action scenes in history! From hand-to-hand combat to climbing skyscrapers, the star of the “Mission Impossible” franchise has done it all! Fairly recently, in 2018, he broke his ankle filming a scene for “Mission Impossible” and had to do an intense physical therapy program over the course of 6 weeks to get his ankle in good enough shape to film. He quoted to Cinemacon “I went right into rehab. About 10 hours a day, 12 hours, seven days a week because six weeks later I had to be on set and twelve weeks later I had to be sprinting again. Doctors said they weren’t sure whether I’d be sprinting in nine months, let alone that time. I was like, ‘Okay, I gotta figure this out and I gotta figure it out fast.’ ”


Known for her role in the hit sitcom “Friends” and blockbuster movies like “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” Jennifer Aniston has been known to be a fitness fanatic. She regularly shares with social media her healthy regimes with workout routines and clean eating. In an interview with InStyle Magazine, her physical therapist Dr. Karen Joubert shared that Jennifer has been maintaining a physical therapy program for years that helps her maximize her workouts and keep up her toned physique.


The “Orange Is The New Black” star gave the superhero genre a try with her role as Batwoman! Sadly, she sustained a serious injury on set. She posted to social media saying this “To everyone asking about my new Pez dispenser scar on my neck… A couple of months ago I was told I needed emergency surgery or I was risking becoming paralyzed. I had herniated two discs doing stunts, and they were close to severing my spinal chord. I was in chronic pain and yet couldn’t feel my arms.” Afterwards, she underwent a rigorous physical therapy program to get back to normal and heal!

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We’ve all heard the stereotypical misconceptions around physical therapy. One is that you only get it when you’ve been in a car accident, had surgery or have been seriously injured. While those might be some of the most common reasons, there are many that don’t include those! This article is going to give you four of them.


People who suffer with instability, dizziness and balance issues can benefit greatly from physical therapy. In fact, it is often used in more mature patients as a preventative measure to minimize the risk of falling, as well as in patients who suffer from Vertigo. Physical therapy is a proven method for treating and preventing these things!


Some recurring headaches can be caused by issues in the body that you wouldn’t even think of and physical therapy can be a great option for these as well! One modern cause for recurring headaches is what’s called “text neck.” This is an issue with posture prominent in millennials and younger generations for their constant use of cellphones, which can cause neck pain and headaches. It can be a difficult habit to break. However, seeing a physical therapist to retrain your body on how to hold your phone and position your body when using the phone can be very helpful!


Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by pressure on the median nerve. The carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway surrounded by bones and ligaments on the palm side of your hand. When the median nerve is compressed, the symptoms can include numbness, tingling and weakness in the hand and arm. This issue is also common among millennials and younger generations who spend significant amounts of time typing on their tablets or computers. Surgery is usually only recommended in extreme cases. Thus, the common resolution is physical therapy. Programs in as little as 8 weeks have been used to correct carpal tunnel with longer programs lasting for a few months.


Flexible muscles and tendons allow for greater range of motion during activities! There are many physical therapy exercises and stretches that you can do to improve this. Many athletes such as dancers, gymnasts, cheerleaders and contortionists have undergone physical therapy programs to maximize this and give them better performance ability!

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