About Us

Welcome To Progressive Physical Therapy!

We are the founders of Progressive Physical Therapy, Mohamed Sanad PT and Omar Husein DPT. As the founders of this company, we would like to share our journey with all our patients, whether you are a current or future patient. ¬†We became partners in 2005, combining our extensive clinical backgrounds in treating spinal disorders, neurological impairments, neuropathy, and orthopedic recovery. We continued to further our abilities as healthcare providers by gaining expertise in balance training and vestibular rehabilitation, to treat inner-ear disorders, which have been proven to alleviate vertigo, dizziness, and disequilibrium. As our skills progressed so did our treatment plan, and we began to determine treatment on a case by case basis, working to ensure that each patient receives true complete care. Our first Progressive Physical Therapy clinic was opened in Hinsdale, Illinois in 2007. Being therapists ourselves, the sole focus of our company is to provide a facility and treatments that fulfill our patient needs. Corporate control does not play a part in our company’s operation, allowing us to place greater emphasis on individualized patient care. Our purpose is to get you the treatment that YOU need and work with you to reach your personal goal. We provide our staff with the efficient training needed to facilitate successful treatment, our aides are practiced in operating the equipment and understand the physiology behind the required treatment. However, our aides are not the only ones working to stay current, we, the founders, continually participate in training programs to ensure that we are equipped with all treatment options when caring for our patients. Just as our education is important to us, it is important to us that we educate you about your treatment, and help you to be more aware of your health.